I'm John. I am an engineer by day and a guitar nerd by night. This blog is mostly guitar and science stuff with a dash of anti-state politics and personal rambling.

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Parks and Rec continues to make me really, really happy. 



i feel like the burger king thing is a very capitalist move? maybe i am wrong or just cynical but it seems motivated by the strong (and beautiful) movement in gay rights that is happening. like if there is a large audience, then capitalism says to target it and campaign for it idk

110% accurate. it’s VERY frustrating but at the same time i’m only so mad about it. ulterior motives aside, advocating for human rights still reaches a vast majority of people the same way. idk. i have a lot scattered thoughts about this

"Not impressed unless they are donating proceeds" - Sarah, who is reading over my shoulder. I p much agree.

The Cult of Nikola Tesla


Nikola Tesla’s achievements should never be undervalued, and I certainly appreciate the internet’s newfound appreciation for this undoubtedly enigmatic and brilliant inventor. But this recent rise in popularity is partly due to incorrect attribution of major accomplishments. Tesla’s legacy does not need any help! The truth is plenty to cement his place as one of the great pioneers in electrical engineering. 

Some key facts from the article:

  • Tesla was actually the first one to create X-Ray photographs, although he did not know it at the time
  • While he won many court cases about patents, he was not the first or only one to pioneer radio technology
  • The famous “death ray” is almost certainly a fabrication
  • His wireless power transmission set up at Wardenclyffe is widely considered to be unworkable

But all this considered, we should never demean his accomplishments with alternating current, induction motors, and radio! These are extremely valuable and the impact of Tesla’s innovations is still relevant today. 

Dude from Defeater’s hip replacement »> Native Wildlife van »»»»» Potato Salad


As you may have heard, our van is currently out of commission. Coincidentally, today is the one year anniversary of the completion of our album “A Simple Life, A Quiet Mind” so we would like to share this re-recorded version of the song “Unhallowing” as a pay-what-you-want download. Thanks so much to all of the people who have supported us thus far.

ft. this sorry idiot on vocals

How I feel when dealing with Greyhound/Peter Pan

How I feel when dealing with Greyhound/Peter Pan


schrodingersdelaypedal let’s do a collab cover of this, let TJ take the rapping parts. It can be the bonus track on our “Dayman/Nightman” cover split

it can’t be done. too brutal

I want to cover “One Step Closer” and be too brutal

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Another piece of key financial advice: Don't own a car if you don't have to. If you must own a car, adjust your life so you don't have to own a car.


Fuck a car. Shit is a money pit, even in best case scenarios.


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