I'm John. I am an electrical engineering grad student by day and a guitar nerd by night. This is my personal blog. Here you will find mostly guitar and science stuff with a dash of anti-state politics and personal rambling.

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gates - at last the loneliest of them

"darkness let us leave common and quiet

daylight let us see we’ve already lost it

the ending of this song is SO damn heavy, I think it’s my favorite track.

Perfect album.

Some days I feel like all of my accomplishments are the result of me just scraping by.

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As Gideon Weeps- …But Everyone Will Know How Little It Means 

I am trying too much 
Well I’m trying to be honest 
But the words don’t even touch 
I’m trying to be me 
Portrayed by somebody else 
Well, someone who can handle it 
Someone who can see themselves 
Whose thoughts are clear 
And simple spoken 
Whose ideas stay concise 
they’re never broken up 
But I don’t know this person enough 
To pretend like I know them.. 

But I just pretend that I do 
So if there is anything here that seems thought out 
Well it probably isn’t true 
There isn’t much imagery inside my head 
I just see a bunch of water 
and know I can either sink or swim 

I got to write what I believe 
But heaven knows I can’t believe 
what’s in front of me 
And I can’t be as bad 
As I make myself out as being 
Well I can’t be that broken 
If everyone wants to play with me 

Despite these bags under my eyes 
There is no more room for you I can find 
Despite the sand I’ve been given 
I can see that hourglass is simply out of time 

Why’d you leave the water running? 
Why’d you leave it on? 
Did you do it for my health 
or did you do it to make me gone? 
Well needless to say I let stay 
Because it’s the last thing you’ll do for me 
And if you want to flood my house 
Than God knows I’ll let it be 

Patience is my vice, 
I will wait for you until the day I die 
You left me open ended 
When all I did for you was try 
Patience is my vice, 
I will do it until the day I die 
You left me open ended 
So I’m choosing a different one this time