I'm John. I am an engineer by day and a guitar nerd by night. This is my personal blog. Here you will find mostly guitar and science stuff with a dash of anti-state politics and personal rambling.

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BL-1402, 2014.
Ballpoint pen on canvas, 88 x 118 inches (223.5 x 299.7 cm).
Il Lee

Anonymous asked
Isn't the Model T just a 5F6-A Bassman preamp with an ultra-linear power section?


sure. whatever. nerd

God dammit Mike. (yes it is)


We’re beyond excited to announce that we’ll be releasing Polyenso’s(ex-Oceana) 2013 LP ‘One Big Particular Loop' on double 12” vinyl. It brings a great sense of fulfillment to work with a band whose music you love personally and have followed for years. Pre-orders will be up soon via our BigCartel web store.


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A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me” - Fall Out Boy

I don’t blame you for being you
But you can’t blame me for hating it
So say what are you waiting for?
Kiss her, kiss her

Joes rig rules, and I really like that pat uses a dual dark.

I’m actually surprised he uses the Model T RI, since it has such an unfiltered/gross gain structure and not much clean headroom. But his pedals and guitars are undoubtedly sick. And I have renewed interest in the Dual Dark, although I heard a demo a while ago that totally sucked and I am kinda biased against modern Oranges anyway. 

This actually makes me really want to be a tech for a huge band on a tour. It would be pretty fun I think. 


So this is happening…
MIM Classic and road worn Jazzmasters and Jaguars.
Vintage “correct” trem placement, AV65 pickups, some sort of vintage style bridge (not an adjustomatic). Hopefully more finishes than these…
Leaked for pre-order - http://www.nstuffmusic.com/m-2-fender.aspx

RIP in peace classic player series

The Fall Out Boy rig rundown on Premier Guitar is awesome, I don’t give a fuck.